After You JailBreak Your Phone, Where do You Get the 3rd Party Apps?

Ok, so you’ve downloaded your Jailbreak Software and unlocked your phone.  (If you haven’t yet for some reason, what are you waiting for?  Go check out this site and get it unlocked now.  It’ll only take a few minutes.)  So what’s next? How do you download all of those bitchin’ unauthorized apps that you keep hearing about?  Simple.  Go to  Cydia.

Jailbreak Software 3G 4G

There are a few other spots where you can get them, but Cydia is a one-stop shop.  It’s like an “App Store” for hacked phones.  (But don’t worry – you can still use the regualar App store too)

So let’s talk about how you use Cydia, shall we?

How to use Cydia:

The First step is to select your filter type.

  1. User (GUI)
  2. Hacker (CLI)
  3. Developer (No filter)

Pick “User”.  You’ll save yourself a lot of headaches that way.  It will walk you through some package upgrades to make sure that your phone or device has the current Cydia release.  Say “Yes” and let it do it’s thing.

You’re now in Cydia.  Congratulations!  These options will now show up:

  1. Home – It is what it sounds like.  It will show you Cydia news as well as featured apps, a user guide and similar info.
  2. Section – This is your main destination.  Here you’ll find all of the available apps in sortable list form.  You will also find apps listed by category.Changes – Talks about recently released apps and alerts you if there are any upgrades.
  3. Manage – Again, just what is sounds like.  Go here to manage apps that you’ve already downloaded or installed.  You can upgrade, uninstall, or modify apps.
  4. Search – Another place to find apps – there will be a familiar search box to look for them

Application Package Installation:

How to Install Cydia Apps:

If you’ve ever installed a program on a PC or in the regular Apps store, you can handle this.

  1. Locate the App that you want to install
  2. Hit the “Install” button on the screen, then hit “Confirm”
  3. Cydia then does the rest, uploading the app to your device and automatically installing it.

Like I said, pretty straightforward.

How to Modify a previously installed Cydia application:

As I said above, you’ll find all of your installed apps under “Manage” in Cydia. To do an upgrade or uninstall:

  1. Hit where it says “Manage” and then Hit “Packages”.
  2. Highlight the package that you want to modify
  3. Hit the “Modify” button on the screen.  Then, hit “Remove” if you want to uninstall.  If an upgrade has been released, the “Upgrade” button will be next to the “Remove” button.  You can just hit “Upgrade” and it will do so automatically.

Best Cydia Packages for 2010:

Ok, so now I’m going to review some of my favorite Cydia Apps out this year.  These are reason enough to grab some jailbreak software and unlock that phone!

1) Installous

This is actually an application that lets you find pirated, and often free, applications.  An app to find free apps.  Does it get any better?


For enhanced video recording.  3GS phones already have something similar built in.  If you’ve got a different model though, you should grab this baby asap.

3)Wi-Fi Sync

Wi-Fi Synch lets you sync wirelessly between your phone and your PC.  It’s pretty sweet.  You download it, make sure that the PC and the phone are on the same network, and start synching.  Works for files, vids, music, and just about any data that you might have.

4) Cylay 3.0

Like an enhance, unauthorized version of MobileMe.  Ensures that no one else can use your phone, and that you know where it is at all times.


Unlimited text messaging regardless of the plan you’re on.


Overlays a menu on your screen with basic system options.  Way more functional and feature rich than the default.


No, not McLovin’.  MCleaner.  It let’s you blacklist or whitelist callers by number of type of number, and choose how you deal with them.  Great for screening bill collectors and exes!

8)3G Unrestrictor

Is what it sounds like.  Probably my favorite app on the list.  Allows you to access the 3G network for functions that your carrier normally blocks.  For example: You can make Skype calls from your car on the expressway, watch Slingbox vids while you’re in your dentists waiting room stealing his wi-fi, and more.  Also – lifts your download limits for the normal app store.

And best of all…

Start downloading unlimited ringtones, themes, videos and music!

If you’re still looking for jailbreak software that is quick and easy to use without having to get bogged down in the technology, I highly recommend that you check out iJailbreakpro.

That’s it for me for today – Take care,



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