8 Awesome Cydia tweaks For Jailbroken Iphones in 2011

Best Cydia Jailbreak SoftwareAfter using a jailbreak software on your iPhone was declared legal by US government, more and more people are rushing to do it. The temptation is a whole world of apps that are available from Cydia – an alternative app store to Apple’s one.

Apps on the cydia store are called tweaks – the equivalent of apps, or themes – which change the way your phone looks and feels.

A lot of the lists for cydia apps are old and crusty, so here are some new and awesome ones. Bear in mind, even though some of these some small, they can save you time and give your iPhone a much better user experience.

1. SecretSMS – this sends a message to your friend that leads him to a webpage where he is asked for a password to read your sms. I don’t need to explain the need for this now do I? Extremely useful app.

2. EZDecline – using this tweak, the “Decline” button appears on your lock screen when you receive a call – rather than “slide to answer”. This can be useful if you want to reject a phone call in the middle of a meeting!

3. Multifl0w – this great little tweak offers a graphical interpreatation to task switching – pretty thumbnails of the last screen of using the app, instead of just having the app icons at the bottom of the screen. 10 point griffindor. Me like. Only shows up to 9 apps.

4. Home page – FINALLY, you can set a home page for your safari browser like you would be able to on any desktop browser. Just tap the “+” button and “add to home screen”. This is one of those instances where apple should totally pay attention to what’s going on in the cydia store and fix their native software appropriately.

5. SnapTap – I don’t know about you but I never liked the fact I have to click the touch screen when I take a photo. With SnapTap, you can use the volume button. It just feels more “right” to use a hardware button sometimes, you know?

6. Mark read – this little tweak allows you to mass mark a lot of emails as read. This works well if your inbox is getting too full and you don’t want the hassle of going into every message one by one to reduce the amount of unread messages. Sounds

7. Infinifolders – With this app you can have more than the maximum allowed 12 apps per folder. The new limit is infinity, as the name suggests. Scrolling and pagination is available in the new folders.

8. NoLockScreen – this completely disables the lock screen. Just tap the home button and you continue where you left off before your phone went to sleep. Cool. If you have a password you’ll have to enter it, of course.

I might go back and add a few more Cydia apps, but these are the major ones that I use these days.

These days, Apple just moves a hell of a lot slower than jailbreak software app developers… I recommend you check out my 3 best jailbreak software review if you haven’t yet – your iPhone would be grateful 🙂


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