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What exactly does is mean to Jailbreak an iPhone?

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When you jailbreak an iPhone, iPad, or any electronic device, it means that you are skirting the limitations that the manufacturer puts on your device.  Every time a new electronic device, like the 3G, 4G, Droid, or iPad for example, is released, someone has to figure out exactly how to hack it.  Then, they usually publish instructions for other geeks.

Most of us aren’t geeks though.  So at some point, someone has to make some type of JailBreak Software that us normal folks can use to automatically hack our phones etc.  So instead of poring over lines of code to break our electronics, we can just download a software package that does it for us.  This app “cracks” the device’s ios, and you are then free from the manufacturer’s restrictions and can install unauthorized software or whatever else you care to do.

So What is the Benefit of Using JailBreak Software to Unlock your Phone?

By jailbreaking, or unlocking, an electronic device, it opens up new dimensions of what you can do with it.  It lets you start doing everything from installing custom skins (even “adult” ones) to installing bitchin’ unauthorized apps and downloading music, videos, and ringtones from (ahem, pirated) online sources.

In an upcoming blog post, I’ll be showing you the sites where you can download these apps, and I’ll spotlight some of the coolest apps for the iPhone and iPad specifically.

For now, if you want to check out the jailbreak software that I use, it’s called “Jailbreak Unlock”.  It’s fast, it’s got very easy instructions to follow, and they’ve got a great customer service team.  Click here to go there now and see if their product might work for you.
So – Do you know the coolest thing about using Jailbreak Software on Apple Devices?

Normally, Apple will only let you use them with AT&T.  But when you jailbreak your phone, you can use it on carriers other than AT&T! No joke.  And under federal law, it’s completely legal under fair use policy.  Other carriers are more than happy to sign you up with a cracked iPhone or iPad.  So say you’re on Sprint, and your contract isn’t up until next year.  You can buy an iPhone, unlock it with Jailbreak Software, and then use it with your existing Sprint contract.
Is there any reason NOT to jailbreak your phone?
Not in my opinion, since it’s legal and you can get so much more functionality out of your electronics once you do.  BUT – there is one drawback that might put some people off.  Technically, once you unlock your phone, you’ve voided your warranty.  So in theory, if something goes wrong with your phone, you’re stuck paying for it out of pocket to get it fixed.  HOWEVER – this doesn’t often happen in practice.
If your phone has a hardware issue, and is unbootable, you can send it in, and their techs will have no idea that you’ve unlocked it.  And if it has a software bug, you  just “un-jailbreak it”, restoring it to factory defaults, and then send it in.  They have no way to know, without holding the device in their hands and inspecting it, that it’s been hacked.  It is something to keep in mind though.

So what are your thoughts on Jailbreak software?  I’d love to hear your opinion in the comments.  If you ARE ready to go ahead and jailbreak your phone, and you don’t want to go through all of the hacking and geeky tech stuff yourself, there are a few great sites that I personally use.  The one that I think is the best, and that I always recommend is iJailbreakpro.  They’re good peeople, they’ll take good care of you, and they’re actually running a special for the next day or so.  Click here to check them out now.

Click Here - For Jailbreak VideoDo you want to Jailbreak your phone, iPod, or iPad without having to be a hacker or a programmer?

If you’ve looked around the web for instructions to jailbreak your phone, you now how much bad information is out there.  Do yourself a favor.  Quit banging your head against the wall.  Check out Jailbreak Unlock, and have your device unlocked less than 10 minutes from now.

It’s a great piece of software – Like I said before, I often use the volume license version to unlock my friends and families phones and electronics now instead of doing it manually. Click here to see if it might work for you.

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Affiliate disclosure: The author of this website is affiliated with some of the products mentioned.


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